Over the years, we’ve found that the insights and best practices gleaned from our beginnings in the grocery industry have translated well to a wide range of retail interests. Today, we operate a diverse group of businesses ranging from grocery to hardware to fuel, and have won national and international recognition along the way. We’re especially proud that each of our retail locations is a thriving and vital part of the community it serves. Our retail businesses include:



Kress IGA Supermarket

Camano Plaza IGA

Ocean Shores IGA

Juneau Foodland IGA

Super Bear Supermarket

North Albany Supermarket IGA

Service Stations

• Short Stop Texaco

• Camano Plaza Texaco


• Hero ACE Hardaware - Cedar Plaza

• Hero ACE Hardware - Camano Island

• Hero ACE Hardware - Downtown Seattle

• Edmonds Hero ACE Hardware and Grocery

• Hero ACE Hardware - North Albany


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