At The Myers Group, we don’t just run our own successful stores. We put the knowledge we’ve gathered, relationships we’ve built, and resources in which we’ve already invested to work in helping our clients run theirs. We offer everything from reliable a la carte support of specific services (like payroll or bookkeeping) to the efficient day-to-day management of an entire operation.

Whether you’re looking to open a business and need some help with the start-up decisions, need a management company to provide turn around services on behalf of a bank, or are ready to retire but don’t want to sell your business and want someone else to care for it day-to-day, we can help.

Our experienced team is a key component of the infrastructure we’ve built to support our businesses. And, because we enjoy a very low employee turnover rate, many on our management staff have been with the company for years. That kind of stability is the bedrock of our reputation for both setting sound business strategies and successfully executing on them. And we can help companies like yours do the same.

Here are just a few of the Management Services we can provide:

• Payroll services

• Daily bookkeeping

• Full accounting services

• Point of Sale retail pricing support

• Graphic arts design and production

• Human Resource services

• Merchandising services and ongoing support

• Product procurement services

• Management staffing and training

• Project management

• Business turnaround services

• Industry consultation

• Information technology support and management

• Full property management services