Our company began in 1978 when Kent Myers opened Casey's, a single grocery store on Whidbey Island. Since then, we have grown from a small family business of 25 people to an award-winning retail management company of 600+ with less than 10% employee turnover. Along the way, we've learned a lot from first-hand experience, so we can leverage our expertise and insight to help our clients run their businesses more efficiently, economically, and successfully.

The Myers Group is proud of our employees and the work we have accomplished. Our company has won many awards including:

  • 1999 IGA International Retailer of the Year
  • 2007 Washington Food Industry Retailer of the Year
  • 2008 Seattle Magazine - Best Supermarket in Seattle Award
  • 2010 IGA Retailer of the Year - USA
  • 2015 Washington Food Industry Community Service Award
  • 2016 IGA Presidents Award for Innovation
  • 2016 IGA International Retailer of the Year

Tyler Myers

President & CEO

Lonnie Kyser

General Manager

Mark Graham

Director of Merchandising

Dave Martin

Chief Financial Officer

Sandy Bright

Director of Human Resources

Brady Robb

Director of Marketing

Aaron Landau

Director of Retail Operations

Lizzy Engstrom

Executive Services Manager

Lauren Myers

Loyalty Marketing Manager

Angie Miller

Director of Food Services

Eric Kujath

Director of Beer, Wine, & Spirits

Sandy Mitchell

ACE Hardware Operations

Katy Nishida

Director of Wellness

Store Directors

Kayla Leganza

Goose Community Grocer

Scot Huntington

Camano Plaza IGA

Trent Larson

Darrington IGA

Rick Wilson

Foodland IGA

Kelly Crow

Super Bear IGA

Vince Ianniciello

Ocean Shores IGA

Harrison Casteel

North Albany IGA